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San Francisco

Budget & Luxury Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco undoubtedly deserves its honor as ‘Everyone’s Favourite City.’ Choosing to spend a few days in its laid back atmosphere is a wise idea and reserving a good hotel should be one of your priorities when planning a vacation in this stunning city by the bay.

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San Francisco

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San Francisco – An Icon of Liberalism


This diverse city offers something for everyone. Home to one of America’s icons – the Golden Gate Bridge –  the city is surrounded by water on 3 sides the city’s spread over steep hills makes for great photo ops.

You simply can’t afford to miss out visiting the zig-zag Lombard Street, seen in many a film. Even more popular are the city’s iconic trolleys climbing the hills that are worth a ride. Alcatraz Island, in the middle of the bay, is known for the notorious criminals once imprisoned there.

Breathtaking views of the giant, historic bridge and city are simply magnificent and unparalleled. To ensure you get the most out of your vacations, you need to put up at a hotel in San Francisco that provides a comfortable stay, with excellent hospitality to make you and your companions feel pampered.

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